Father and son bid for Alpine Fencing comes full circle

(PR.co.nz) Entrepreneurship runs in the family for Tony and Alfred Lynch, the new owners of Central Otago’s Alpine Fencing business. This month, the pair officially take over the company, which is well-known for its signature macrocarpa post and rail fencing. Tony and Alfred plan to grow the business and are keen on seeing what they fondly call ‘macro’ used a lot more as a stylish enhancement to Wanaka and Queenstown’s properties. The business also comes with a full factory for manufacturing the post and rail components. Tony says there is a burgeoning market for a kitset product which they can freight as far as Auckland. They will also look to pick up on the farm fencing that Alpine Fencing’s original owner Murray Rivers taught Alfred over 10 years ago.

The two enjoy working together and agree there’s nothing better than being out in the Southern Lakes landscape putting up a fence and appreciating the surroundings. They opted to make a bid for Alpine Fencing when Marc and Tanya Simmonds decided they wanted a change in direction after six years of ownership and put the business on the market. The move feels like completing a circle for Alfred after being an employee of Alpine Fencing more than a decade ago, and now having the opportunity to be an owner. “I’m looking forward to working with my Dad and us running Alpine Fencing together,” Alfred says.

“Dad has the business experience and I have been fencing for a few years now. I first learnt the ways of farm fencing from Murray Rivers. He was great teacher and mentor to me when I was younger and I miss him. There is more to this business than just putting in fences. We process macrocarpa into a beautifully finished fencing product and I love working with machinery and the timber. My Dad an I have have work together in a few different industries over the years and what one of us can’t do, the other one seems to have it covered. I’m loving that I now have a long term interest here in Wanaka to work hard at.”

As well as post and rail fences, Alpine Fencing builds custom-made entranceways and gates, provides farm fencing and loves keeping rabbits out. It’s an exciting time for the duo, who have both been looking for a new project to get stuck into for a while. They see the combination of fencing, manufacturing and running a modern business as a demanding but fun challenge. As Tony explains, “We have both spent a lot of time discussing the business brand, growth, new products and so on but we’re most looking forward to getting out there and putting posts in the ground.”

Media Release 19 March 2017.