Artificial Intelligence Business Transformation Services Launched

Matrix Consulting launches a comprehensive consulting, training and implementation service to help companies leverage the transformative power of AI.

Matrix Artificial Intelligence Consultancy is proud to announce the launch of our new AI Advisory, Training and Implementation Services, offering comprehensive support and expertise in developing advanced artificial intelligence applications.

“Our new Artificial Intelligence Advisory, Training and Implementation Services are geared towards helping companies leverage Artificial Intelligence’s transformative power.” – Glen Maguire, CEO

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping businesses make sense of the ever-evolving technology landscape and leverage AI tools for their benefit. With our suite of services, we are committed to providing customised solutions that meet each client’s specific needs.

We understand that the AI technology landscape can be complex and intimidating, so our team of advisors will work closely with clients to create a tailored plan for their business. We will provide comprehensive guidance and support at every process step, from strategy development to implementation.

Our expertise enables us to help clients develop realistic and achievable goals that leverage AI tools such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and predictive analytics.

We also offer an extensive range of AI training services geared towards helping businesses understand and apply the technology. Our team of experts will provide instruction and advice on best practices, developing algorithms, deploying models, data analysis and learning how to use tools like Chat GPT 4. We can also help clients design custom courses to meet their individual needs.

Finally, Matrix Consulting offers comprehensive AI implementation and AI Digital Marketing services. We have the expertise and resources to develop, deploy and manage AI applications and solutions. Our team will work with clients to identify the appropriate technology, develop the necessary infrastructure, and ensure everything is correctly deployed.

At Matrix Consulting, our mission is to help businesses make sense of their data and leverage the power of artificial intelligence for their benefit. With our new AI Advisory, Training and Implementation Services, we can provide the guidance and support needed to help clients get the most out of their AI applications.

Media Release on 6 July 2023

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Matrix Consulting AI
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