Portable Power Ltd Introduces Innovative Solar Power Generators with Dual Inverters

Say hello to a cleaner, greener energy future! Portable Power Ltd, a pioneering provider of sustainable energy solutions, is proud to unveil their revolutionary line of solar power generators with dual inverters, now available at www.portablepower.co.nz. Embrace a powerful shift towards sustainability by reducing reliance on costly and polluting diesel-powered generators.

Portable Power’s Mission: Redefining Energy for a Sustainable World

At Portable Power Ltd, our mission is clear and purposeful: to reduce diesel-powered generator usage and pave the way for a more sustainable future. With unwavering dedication to environmental consciousness, we strive to empower businesses and households with cleaner, more efficient energy alternatives.

Introducing Dual Inverter Technology: Empowering Uninterrupted Power

Unlike traditional solar generators, Portable Power’s cutting-edge dual inverters enable seamless charge and discharge simultaneously. That means you can collect solar energy while powering your devices, ensuring uninterrupted access to clean power. From remote locations to bustling city centers, our solar power generators are the reliable and eco-friendly energy solution you’ve been waiting for.

Affordable Green Energy: Shifting Paradigms, Reducing Costs

Join us in redefining energy consumption and saving money in the process! Portable Power’s solar generators eliminate the need for costly diesel and other fossil fuels, making sustainability affordable and accessible. Embrace the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and make a meaningful impact on our planet’s health.

Become a Reseller: Champion Sustainability and Power Change

As advocates for a sustainable world, Portable Power Ltd invites like-minded businesses to join our reseller program. By collaborating with passionate partners in New Zealand and Australia, we aim to amplify our impact and accelerate the shift towards renewable energy sources. Be a driving force in the green energy revolution and inspire change in your community.

John Akurangi, Business Development Manager (BDM) of Portable Power Ltd, shared his passion for the reseller program: “Our vision is to build a future where clean, renewable energy is the norm. Together with our resellers, we can drive widespread adoption of solar power generators, reduce reliance on diesel generators, and create a lasting positive impact on the environment.”

Join the Movement – Unlock the Power of the Sun!

The time to act is now! Visit www.portablepower.co.nz to explore Portable Power’s innovative solar power generators, learn about our reseller program, and embark on a transformative journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

About Portable Power Ltd:

Portable Power Ltd is a trailblazing Auckland-based company, dedicated to providing reliable and portable solar power generators with dual inverters. Our mission is to reduce diesel-powered generator usage, empowering businesses and households with cleaner, greener energy solutions. Driven by innovation and a commitment to the environment, Portable Power is leading the charge towards a more sustainable energy landscape in New Zealand and Australia.

Media Release on 20 July 2023

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