No Shortage of Wood Pellet Fuel

Azwood Energy, the manufacturers of wood pellet fuel brands Firetime, Onfire Premium & Eco Pellets are advising customers there is no shortage of supply. Homes that have installed pellet fires are often the only source of heating within the home. Pellet fires must run on a pellet made from 100% condensed wood, and there are no alternatives in terms of energy sources such as burning wood.

A GEM of an energy saving idea

Mercury Energy has released its Good Energy Monitor service (GEM), a web-based tracking and reporting tool providing residential customers with much greater visibility of their energy consumption and cost.

Biofuels Report

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has tabled a biofuels report in parliament today. The report looks at the potential role of biofuels, and identifies that not all biofuels are environmentally and socially beneficial.