Green Party Opposes Key's Mining Proposal

( John Key’s Government is running scared from public opposition to mining, but won’t let go of the idea, the Green Party said today.

“The 500,000 ha of proposed mining in protected areas has been reduced to 7,000 ha of mining,” said Metiria Turei, Green Party Co-leader.

“Despite the public backlash, John Key still doesn’t get it. He wants to subsidise a further $4 million of prospecting in our protected areas.

Today’s consultation document proposes pulling sections of the Paparoa National Park, parts of the Coromandel and Great Barrier island out of Schedule 4 so that they can be mined for precious metals, most likely gold.

“If crucial National Park and Ecological Areas can be mined, then anything can,” Mrs Turei said.

“Why is John Key’s Government using taxpayer’s money, against their will, to subsidise mining companies?”

While Minister of Conservation, the Hon Nick Smith once boasted that he looked “forward to not having to consider mining applications in those areas where nature should be able to rule the roost.”

However, John Key has stated that changes to Schedule 4 will be made, “notwithstanding the public consultation process.”

Mrs Turei calls on all Kiwis to “stand up and tell John Key that his consultation is a sham and that they don’t want any mining of Schedule 4 land, ever. That’s the whole point of Schedule 4.”

“I will be releasing a submission guide shortly and encourage you to make a submission and sign our mining petition.

“Love it, don’t mine it,” Mrs Turei said.

Link to mining petition:

DoC’s warning that mining should not occur in Schedule 4: (para 23)

DoC’s advice to Cabinet about what should already be in Schedule 4:

Media Release 22 March 2010 from Metiria Turei, MP Green Party.