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Nelson Air Quality Improvements

( Air quality monitoring results confirm the levels of air pollution (PM10) that Council monitors have drastically reduced.

As at the end of June, Nelson’s air had only exceeded the national standard for PM10 levels three times this winter, compared with 20 exceedences at the same time last year.

Even factoring in the warmer temperatures, big improvements have been recorded.

May 2007 was slightly warmer than May 2010 and Nelson had four exceedences compared to none this year.

June 2004 had the same average temperature as June 2010 and Nelson had 16 exceedences compared to three for this year.

Mayor Kerry Marshall says “There seems little doubt that the improving air quality is directly due to all those home owners who have made the switch to cleaner heating under the Nelson Air Quality Plan. We estimate around 3000 homes have now dispensed with their old smoky burners and we are all seeing and breathing the benefits of that now.”

Under the Nelson Air Quality Plan, there is a further phase out of older burners required at the end of 2011, which will see increasing improvements.

Mayor Marshall adds “While central Government is in the process of reviewing the national standards for air quality and the timeline for local authorities to meet them, Nelson City Council is already well placed for achieving its clean air goals. I’d like to thank all the Nelsonians who are contributing to that effort and urge them to keep up the good work with next year’s phase out date in mind.”

Media Release 7 July 2010 from Nelson City Council.



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