No Shortage of Wood Pellet Fuel


Azwood Energy, the manufacturers of wood pellet fuel brands Firetime, Onfire Premium & Eco Pellets are advising customers there is no shortage of supply. Homes that have installed pellet fires are often the only source of heating within the home.

Pellet fires must run on a pellet made from 100% condensed wood, and there are no alternatives in terms of energy sources such as burning wood.

Azwood Energy Sales Manager Caleb Hughes said “This is not a case of short supply, but a case of the stores keeping up…Big box retailers in Dunedin, Christchurch and throughout the North Island had run out of floor stock for small time periods. Consumers should purchase how they normally would, including large start-of season orders to reduce store visits and contact.”

Azwood Energy is actively working with stores to ensure they are understanding the consumer purchasing patterns in uncertain times like these. “We’re seeing a delayed reaction similar to the nationwide toilet paper issue. As the colder temperatures hit, we as a company have a social responsibility to ensure New Zealand stays warm this winter. It’s paramount we ensure customers have access to wood pellets, especially with colder weather forecasted.” Hughes said.

Azwood Energy suggests if you’re having issues with supply, please contact your nearest retailer.

Need to know:
• Purchase what you need for up to two weeks.
• Stores may have stock located elsewhere onsite – please ask the stores customerservice representative.
• If you’re in self-isolation, consider delivery methods offered by supermarkets, or a bulkorder through your nearest retailer.
• If you would like a large amount, please order through your preferred retailer, ratherthan take all the stock on the floor.


Media Release 30 March 2020.