Stella Beauty uses Eco-Friendly Courier Bags


The fight to stop the use and consumption of single use plastics is growing stronger every day. As more and more consumers are made aware of the impact single use plastic has on the environment, many are starting to look for eco-friendly alternatives.

Although switching to reusable water bottles, skipping the plastic straw, and opting to dine in instead of ordering take out is the perfect way to cut back, there is one serious plastic problem that needs addressing: packaging. For decades companies all over the world have relied on plastic packaging, especially when it comes to shipping their products to customers.

Today, Stella Beauty is paving the way by reducing plastic use for shipping. All items from the leading 100% New Zealand-owned beauty shop uses eco friendly courier bags. Of course, that’s fantastic news, but that’s not all. The industry leader in cruelty-free and ethical beauty has officially made the switch to using 100% compostable packaging.

How Are Eco Friendly Courier Bags Beneficial?

The courier bags used by Stella Beauty for shipping and packaging are not made from plastic. Instead, through innovation and progress, the bags are made using corn starch resin. This makes them extra durable and perfect for shipping all over New Zealand!

What’s more, aside from eco-friendly bags, all labels are made from paper. Finally, safety seals on all products are sugar-based ensuring every purchase made from the cruelty-free brand is biodegradable and suitable for composting.

Why Switch To Eco-Friendly Packaging?

There is no denying that single use plastic is negatively affecting the environment and wildlife. Aside from the obvious reasons of reducing waste and conservation, here are other reasons why customers should prioritise businesses who offer plastic-free packaging:

Eco-Friendly Packaging Are Space Savers

Dealing with single use plastic can be such a hassle, especially if you don’t want to throw them away without care and though. Many consumers end up storing the packaging, leading to more clutter and less room in the house. An eco-friendly solution, on the other hand, can be placed inside the compost bin and given a second use.

Plastic Is Unhealthy

Sadly, due to the overwhelming amount of plastic in the world today, microplastics are now everywhere, including inside of humans. Microplastics can be found in the food you consume and the water you drink, it is getting that bad.

Some countries deal with plastic by incinerating, creating toxic fumes. Choosing brands that only use eco-friendly bags and packaging means you are no longer contributing to the plastic crisis.

Better For The Future

Although it has already been mentioned before, it is worth mentioning again. Eco-friendly bags and cruelty free cosmetics are better for the environment and the future. The less waste humans create, the less effort is spent on cleaning up. The sooner the Earth is cleaned, the better it will be for future generations.

Choose Stella!

Do your part today and order all of your beauty needs from Stella, the leader in eco-friendly packing. Check out the website for more information about our products and our revolutionary plastic-free packaging.


Media Release 24 August 2019.