Tell the Story Only You Can in Comic Even if You Can't Draw : Storytelling Stickers by Stella Grace Tan

( Auckland, New Zealand, August 2, 2019 – ​Artist and Designer Stella Grace Tan from Lines and Grace is releasing the brand new “The Story of You” collection. Now anyone looking to tell their story visually in minutes can do so without any drawing skills or new software to learn. The Story of You will be released on August 8, 2019.

Lines and Grace is known for creating stickers for people who love to journal creatively so they can tell the story only they can — the story of their lives.

Thus for the first time, Stella Grace has created an entire product line of her Storytelling Stickers that are designed and engineered for visual storytelling.

The collection will be sold exclusively on the website where the limited products are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.

The storytelling stickers are designed to showcase every person’s everyday life story in a manga or comic inspired format with coloring stickers that allow storytellers the freedom to color in their unique looks and personalities. With the wide array of hair styles, they can find one for each of their significant others who play important roles in their story.

Complete with different face angles, body poses, speech bubbles, and comic panels with drawn-for-you backgrounds, telling the story of one’s life becomes a rich and visually appealing experience that lets you re-live life’s special moments, re-learn life’s greatest lessons, and re-love the story that is uniquely yours.

Being an engineer herself, Stella Grace has taken great care in designing the storytelling stickers. They come in swatch format (imagine a spreadable hand fan) so it’s easy to find the right stickers, a breeze to pack up, and re-arrange on a whim. She made sure that the body stickers are cut precisely to fit the face stickers seamlessly. Even the white border around the stickers have been reduced 80% to only 0.03 inches compared to the usual 0.25 inches in popular mainstream stickers so that your characters pop out of the background but still look cohesive with the rest of the elements. She has chosen the traditional media of stickers so they can be added to the storyteller’s favorite medium, where they are already telling their stories such as in personal journals or cards.

Educators looking for storytelling materials and crafters who like to tell their story will also love the option of getting the face and body figures in snow white cardstock coloring diecuts.

The collection also includes a limited set of face and body digital stickers colored personally by Stella Grace for those who prefer someone color it for them and who prefer to print their own stickers.

Each individual storytelling sticker set has its own name. A few examples are:

• Storyteller Extraordinaire
• Storytelling Starter Pack
• Hair & Make Extender Pack
• Body Basics Extender Pack
• Pretty Panels Extender Pack

The Story of You collection ranges from $8 to $165 USD.

Stella Grace is excited to welcome storytellers young and old to her new handmade product line collection that will finally let them tell their invaluable stories.

For more information about The Story of You collection or for an interview with Stella Grace Tan, please write to Media high-res photos available upon request.

About Lines and Grace
Stella Grace Tan started designing storytelling stickers after she was faced with a very real problem. She loved writing in her journal but found less and less time to read through the invaluable life lessons she had noted. She realized that a lot of everyday invaluable life experiences and good stories were often overlooked due to a lack of visually stimulating media. Current visual media demand a lot of skill and time. Many amazing storytellers had neither the skill to draw, the time to learn to draw by hand or learn a new software, or the budget to hire an artist. After months of drawing and designing these storytelling stickers by hand, Stella Grace has initiated a simple yet revolutionary way of telling the stories only each individual person can tell — the Story of You.

Media Release on 2 August 2019

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