Ivory Coast Picture Framing Offer Custom Service

(PR.co.nz) With their studio in Ranui, Ivory Coast Picture framing is offering hand-crafted, custom picture frames which add an extra touch to artwork or photography.

Founded by Peter Dixon, Ivory Coast Picture Framing in West Auckland has produced frames for some of New Zealand’s top artists.

Whether it be a high profile piece or a simply family portrait, Dixon says he still enjoys the creative process of creating the best possible frame.

“While the subject can vary quite wildly, they way I approach each job remains remarkably similar”, says Dixon.

“The subject can vary quite widely and the way I approach each project is really dictated by the piece itself”.

“It could be a renowned art piece, a collection of wedding photos, family or glamour photos, for me it is about creating a unique frame which best complements the piece that sits within it”.

Dixon has been evolving a picture framer for well over two decades and has been told by wedding suppliers to the trade that he is considered one of the seven best framers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ivory Coast Picture framing is now taking orders for the traditionally busy holiday period and can be reached via their website.

Media Release on 1 November 2018 by Ivory Coast Picture Framing

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