Entec Launch Dedicated Gas Detection Service

(PR.co.nz) Founded in 1982, Entec has long provided NZ’s energy industries with equipment and installation services. Building upon their already existing relationships with industry leaders, Entec are excited to offer products which make work environments safer.

“Traditionally, the role of the gas detector began and ended with the detection of gases. Nowadays, with very cost-effective equipment, the gas detector can also act as a data logger which records the environmental conditions to which it is exposed, together with other crucial information such as date/time, location and the user’s identity”.

In partnership with their technological supplier, Industrial Scientific, Entec implements the use of cloud based technology – iNet Control. This data repository logs a gas detector’s operation history and allows health & safety professionals to detect any unsafe usage or poor operational behaviour onsite.

“Under the most recent Health and Safety Legislation, there is an even greater obligation on organisations and individuals to be accountable for providing a safe and healthy workplace. It is no longer good enough to have a system in place to dictate that certain precautions be made (e.g. the wearing of a gas detector); it is now best practice to also have a system to document that procedures are being followed”.

Entec aims to get NZ industries up-to-speed with modern gas detecting practices. An effective combination of modern personal gas detectors and cloud based record-keeping provides a crucial document trail.

Media Release on 21 February 2017 by Gas Detectors

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