Summit Cranes partners with GH Cranes to bring NZ ports up to speed

( New Zealand crane supplier, Summit Cranes has partnered with internationally renowned manufacturer, GH Cranes to provide the latest lifting technology to NZ ports.

Globally, container ships are getting larger, requiring greater lifting capability for loading and offloading. Unloading these larger ships requires a crane with a boom that extends greater than 45 metres.

“Our partnership with GH Cranes allows greater import and export capability to our countries’ ports. As the volume of goods capable of containership transportation continues to grow, it is important that New Zealand does not get left behind.”

Last year alone, over 80% of cranes ordered worldwide had booms extending 50 metres – 18 rows of shipping container cargo – indicating this trend towards much larger transport vessels.

Summit Cranes partnership with European manufacturer, GH Cranes aims to ensure that New Zealand remains at an international standard for import and export activities.

“GH Cranes are an international brand recognised for the high quality and longevity of their products”

“By offering a product, with the latest in hoist technology, our goal is to increase the productivity of New Zealand industries – whether it be marine, steelworks, shipyards or renewable energy – access to GH Cranes’ products will help improve process and production”.

GH Cranes have been supplying machinery globally for over 50 years and are considered the cutting edge of hoisting technology. It is solely through their partnership with Summit Cranes, as the only supplier of GH gantry cranes in NZ, that the country has access to this technology.

Summit Cranes has offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and has over 30 years’ experience in the Australasian market.

Media Release on 14 December 2016 by Summit Cranes

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