Maskell launches safer underground storage solution

( Auckland based fiberglass engineering company, Maskell have introduced underground storage product Envirotank to the New Zealand Market.

Envirotank eliminates the risk of corrosion both inside and outside of the storage tank, an issue which in the past has led to harmful, toxic chemicals leaching into the surrounding soil.

Intended for a range of applications, the Envirotank can safely store sewage, storm water and petroleum. Envirotanks can also be equipped with Oil/Water separators, which are designed to prevent any spilled petrol, diesel or detergents from contaminating the storm water drainage system.

“Pollution prevention is critical to keeping our waterways clean. Our dedicated oil separators and storage solutions go above and beyond industry regulatory standards to ensure no silts or hydrocarbons (diesel, petrol or engine oil) can enter your storm water system”.

Envirotanks are constructed from corrosion resistant fiberglass and Maskell offer varying product types, depending on what substance is being stored.

In the past, water storage has been dedicated to steel or concrete tanks, which required a high level of maintenance and were at high risk of corrosion and leakage.

For harsher chemicals like petroleum, Maskell offer an even more durable underground storage tank solution in their double walled fiberglass product.

“Envirotank’s double-wall option for petroleum tanks offers customers proven protection from environmental contamination. After more than 250,000 installations in the U.S. as well as tens of thousands worldwide, Envirotank Double-Wall tanks have seen zero leaks from internal or external corrosion.”

Envirotanks, available in New Zealand through Maskell’s website come with a consultation service to ensure customers receive the ideal product for their underground storage needs.

Media Release on 7 March 2016

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