Astern Group Releases New Website

(  Astern Group Ltd launches new website to showcase their expert roofing and building services across the Waikato and beyond.

Homes and commercial properties looking for building and roof repairs and maintenance and asset advice should take a look at the recently launched new website by Astern Group Ltd:

The experienced team from Astern Group understand that every home and commercial property has different building and roofing requirements. “As part of our services, we utilise cutting-edge technology including drones to give unparalleled access to your buildings. Our reporting will tell you everything you need to make informed decisions about your building’s maintenance, improvement or development needs.”

Three main services are covered on the website: roofing; building services; advisory and corporate services.

Expert roofing and cost-effective re-roofing solutions with a 15-year guarantee. Astern Group also installs gutter protection and membrane waterproofing for both residential and commercial buildings. All properties are assessed first using advanced drone technology to ensure that all roofing concerns are addressed.

Building Services
Astern Group Ltd understands the necessity of maintaining residential and commercial buildings. Available for on-call and scheduled services, the experienced building team can repair, maintain and renovate your home or commercial property.

Advisory & Corporate Services
Astern Group’s drone asset inspection technology provides an accurate assessment of your property’s condition and their experienced advisory team can help you get the most out of your building assets. A qualified asbestos specialist is also available to keep your site safe for both the occupants and public.

While Astern Group Ltd is a new operation in Hamilton, company directors, Brian, Tony and Hugh have brought together their extensive knowledge and capability of the construction industry to provide superior roofing, building maintenance and asset management services.
“We can tailor our service to suit your requirement, and are happy to coordinate any subcontractors who may also be required to deliver a project. We are used to working on “live sites” and have a strong health and safety focus.” Astern Group

Astern Group Ltd services Hamilton, the Waikato and the central North Island

For more information on Astern Group Ltd and how their services may benefit your home or commercial building, check out:

Media Release 6 June 2020.