Auckland Dental Clinic Now Offering 3D Scans to Patients

With a desire to help patients make informed decisions about their oral care, Clean Teeth Dental invested in an innovative and advanced intra-oral scanner. This digital device allows Dr. Marwan Wadea from Clean Teeth Dental to produce fast colourised images and provide a more interactive dental care experience.

According to Dr. Wadea, the intra-oral scanner will be used for every new patient exam, allowing patients to visualise their mouths easier than they could in photos.

“They will be able to see their teeth and bite in 3D. The 3D scan will make the experience more interactive and intuitive,” he says.

The device works by projecting a light source from the scanner onto the scanned object, such as a tooth or full dental arches. Scanning software then processes a 3D model, which is displayed in real-time on a screen for dental professionals and patients to see.

All new patients at Clean Teeth Dental will experience this technology for themselves during their comprehensive one-hour teeth examination. The exam includes two intra-oral x-rays, a clinical exam, a consultation, and treatment planning.

Dr. Wadea says that new patient exams are already comprehensive, but the intra-oral scanner allows patients to visualise their teeth, gums, and bite in colour, and receive potential solutions for any problems.

“Digital dentistry is the future for dentistry.”

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Media Release on 3 June 2022

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