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Kids Get To Go Barefoot, With Shoes On

( Thankfully, Barefoot Inc. is taking the initiative at solving this foot freedom problem by releasing Vibram® FiveFingers® KSO for Kiwi kids on the 20th May 2011. The VFFs are actually called “Kids KSO.” (KSO, Keep Stuff Out)

Vibram® FiveFingers® KSO for kids features many of the same benefits as our traditional KSO: thin, abrasion resistant stretch nylon upper, a single hook and loop closure for a secure fit, and a non-marking 3.5mm Vibram® TC1 performance rubber sole—razor siped for a sure grip.

With the overwhelming success of Vibram® FiveFingers® (VFF) globally, it’s hardly surprising for parents who are Vibram® FiveFingers® fans to want to put their children in footwear that allows their feet to function naturally. There are some poorly designed sneakers and shoes being marketed towards kids these days — “poorly designed” in the sense that they restrict young feet from moving dynamically and force unnatural gaits upon their wearers.

So VFF fan parents have really been stuck without a lot of options until now. What’s a parent to do outside of just letting their kids run around barefoot (something we in New Zealand have had the great fortune of doing) Staying barefoot as much as possible for as long as possible is a great way to go, but at some point, society (likely in the form of school) is going to demand you have something on your kid’s feet.

About the foot:

Over 80% of foot related injuries including bunions are a result of poor footwear choices relating to unnatural designs and inflexible soles. It’s widely recognised that children’s shoes must allow enough room for natural growth in both length and width, until the bones in the foot fully develop which happens in the late teens / early twenties. To put it another way; inflexible, poorly shaped, heavy shoes are potentially harmful; restricting natural movement and development of a child’s foot.

Your foot has the same level of sensory feedback as your hand. A vast amount of information comes from the 7000+ nerve receptors on the soles of each of your feet; This level of feedback ensures the more you can feel the ground, the greater your body’s understanding of its surrounding environment and natural movement, keeping you safe from harm.

About Barefoot Inc.

Barefoot Inc is a lifestyle brand created to help people reach their maximum potential for good health and a strong body – naturally. They believe in products that enhance training comfort and performance without compromising natural movement.

Barefoot Inc has been the exclusive distributor for Vibram® FiveFingers® in Australia, Japan & New Zealand since 2007.

Media Release 10 May 2011 from Barefoot Inc.



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