BOAhub for Hydraulic Hoses Repair & Maintenance


Brothers Simon and Greg Boakes founders of BOA Hydraulics, have for the past five years been providing contractors with the ability to repair and maintain their own hydraulic hoses on-site, using cutting and crimping machines combined with hose and fittings, in a workshop or container set-up.

They recently introduced the BOApod, a complete mobile hose repair facility built into a trailer unit to provide everything a contractor needs to get machines back up and running.

Now they have followed it up with the BOAhub, which is described as a truly multi-platform, multi device application that allows contractors to select and build their own hoses, order hydraulic hoses and fittings online, and accurately manage their inventory to assist with asset management. It is available on both Apple and Android platforms.

A key feature of the BOAhub is the innovative ‘hosemaker’ page that guides the user through selecting their ideal hose type, hose group and hose diameter. With the right hose selected, the user is guided through the correct fitting choice by selecting the angle required. They then measure the thread physically with veneers to obtain the correct internal diameter measurement, which leads to selecting a fitting from a list of available threads, intelligently filtered to fit the hose being built. There’s a ‘help’ feature that makes sure the angles of the fittings are correct and as the hose is designed, the user creates a database of hose recipes, which reduces time when a similar hose blows. It also contributes to making preventative maintenance easy.

Another great feature of the BOAhub app is the mobile ‘scan to order’. Every BOA set-up has labeled bins, which means the user can reorder inventory and add parts to hose assemblies by scanning the labels. All key features work offline and update as soon as you are back in coverage.

BOA Hydraulics says this is just the first part of the BOAhub application. The next phase will offer innovative features such as the ability to match a hose assembly against an asset, along with an intelligent system of overlaying your asset images with a key, that hose recipes can be matched too.
Very useful in building a helpful database of asset recipes locked against a specific make and model.

If you would like to know more about the BOAhub, online ordering of hydraulic hose & fittings, and what else this innovative company can offer you, visit , email, or phone 0800 20 20 20.


Media Release 13 December 2019.