Parlez Speech Language Therapy Releases New Website


Dunedin speech and language company Parlez has launched a new website to ensure locals are aware of the range of therapies available. The website address is

Parlez owner Meryl Jones wants to make sure the potential consumers are aware of what their company does. “The website is designed to provide clear information to locals who are not sure of what the effective communication services available to them are.”

The website focuses on four main areas: accent coaching; speech disorders; language issues; and voice coaching.

Accent Coaching
Parlez helps in improving pronunciation in English verbal and non-verbal communication. Join the individual and small group coaching sessions with Parlez to promote a natural and more understandable accent that could help improve career prospects, social participation and acceptance.

Speech Disorders
Correct speech issues like stuttering, imprecise articulation, overly rapid rate of speech or too quiet speech, and late or unclear talkers with the help of registered speech-language therapist (SLT), Meryl Jones from Parlez. Through analysis and specific speech techniques, speech issues can be assessed systematically.

Language Issues
Customised and appropriate programmes are available with Parlez for neurological language issues. Anyone with difficulties in understanding what they hear or read, expressing verbally, whether acquired or language issues after an injury can be treated after thorough assessments.

Voice Coaching
Be educated on how your voice works and how to look after it. Voice coaching involves correcting hoarse, strained and weak voice problems. Voice projection is also part of an individualized voice coaching, ideal for those having vocal fatigue or discomfort or wishing to achieve an authentic gender congruent voice.

Parlez Speech Language Therapy offers services in Dunedin, and throughout Otago. If a face-to-face meeting is not practical, it is possible to use Skype or other online video call applications.

For more information on what locals can expect from Parlez Speech Language Therapy visit

Media Release 8 December 2019.