International Life Coaching Phenomenon takes off in Gisborne

( The ‘Life Coaching’ phenomenon has taken off in Gisborne thanks to a start-up business launched by Wainui local, Louisa Chapman. The new trend involves having a personal coach who works in partnership with individuals and organisations through regular sessions in a supportive and confidential environment.

These brief but regular sessions are delivered using either the latest virtual technology or face-to-face consultations to achieve remarkable results through the process of setting attainable goals, eliminating barriers to success, thought provoking questioning, clear communication, analysis and most importantly holding clients accountable for their progress.

Since its inception, coaching has guided many high profile business people and celebrities to reach their full potential.

An internationally trained and qualified coach with a background in law, Chapman made the switch to coaching to pursue a professional endeavour better aligned with her personal values – she loves to help people.

“I’ve always had a deep-seated interest in personal and professional development and what makes people tick so I attended relevant workshops and seminars and read a variety of inspiring material on the subject” she says. This lead to her training as a professional coach with the prestigious, industry leading Coach U organisation with the aim of eventually establishing her own private coaching practice.

Louisa says coaching can help to clarify what individuals and organisations want to achieve in their personal and professional lives but is quick to dismiss the idea that it is the same as counselling or therapy.

“Therapy generally deals with emotional or behavioural difficulties and is usually delivered based on medical models whereas on the flip-side, coaching helps an already successful, generally well-functioning person to reach a higher level of success using performance-based models” Chapman states.

“Coaching gives people a sense of direction and accountability. It helps to increase confidence in decision-making, giving a fresh perspective on challenges and opportunities”.

People get coaching for a variety of reasons such as being confused about career choices and progression, needing assistance with special projects, being more assertive and dealing with challenges. Louisa’s experience is that some people can initially be a little skeptical about the benefits of coaching, viewing it as “fluffy” or self-indulgent.

“To those people I would ask, How many times have you wanted to make a positive change in your life or business but have come unstuck due to lack of planning, support and professional guidance?”

The results speak for themselves, with word already spreading throughout the local community about the power of coaching.

A high profile local business owner says: “Coaching is having an extremely positive and constructive effect not only on my personal life, but also on my business life and on all of my staff… I have found [Louisa] to be exceptionally intuitive, creative and caring, I feel truly blessed to have her in my life.”

Each coach brings with them their own unique style and background. Successful coaches suggest finding a coach whose style and personality you like, someone you ‘get along with’ and can effectively work in partnership with to generate success.

To assist with this process, Chapman offers an obligation free, 15-minute consultation where you can learn more about coaching and work out if she is the right match for you. To find out more about Coaching or Switch-It Coaching please visit: or their Facebook page:

Media Release 17 November 2011.