New Zealands First Cacao Fruit Probiotic Chocolate

( On May 11th 2017 Enlightened Edibles launched it’s Kickstarter for the world’s first ever Organic, Raw, Probiotic Cacao Fruit Chocolate. With this launch, Enlightened Edibles becomes the first supplemented chocolate company in New Zealand.

Founder Jennifer Michtavy and Co-Director Hayden Booker are pleased to announce this novel product.

“This has been a 3 year journey in the making. We are so excited to be creating the world’s first ever Organic Raw Probiotic Cacao Fruit Chocolate, here in New Zealand. We created this chocolate with the understanding that food is medicine. We hope to drastically change the way NZ and the world looks at chocolate.” – Jennifer Michtavy, Founder Enlightened Edibles

The Kickstarter will run for 48 days and the goal is to raise 27,000 NZD’s to create this world’s first.

“Our skill combination and integration allots Enlightened Edibles with instant distribution, connections, suppliers, premises and use of some expensive stone-grinding machinery. We have everything lined up. All we need is NZ’s help to create this Probiotic Chocolate.” Jennifer Michtavy, Founder.

Our chocolate utilizes the fruit, the husk and the cacao bean. This is chocolate in its most authentic form. We stone-grind this nutrient dense bean to create a beautiful tangy, sweet, fruity Organic Raw Chocolate.

Our probiotic is clinically validated and researched. It can survive any temperature conditions so you can have a probiotic bar or a probiotic hot chocolate.

Our Raw Cacao Fruit Chocolate has 1 × 10(9) cfu/serving of this super Probiotic!!