Canterbury Rugby Football Experience Book Release

( We are excited to announce a publication capturing the Canterbury Rugby Football Experience, with three exclusive limited editions and one unlimited edition.

Unlike other rugby books, this publication includes an introduction to the beginning of Canterbury, New Zealand, the development of the city of Christchurch and other towns told through the eye’s of the establishment of schools, clubs, rugby unions and the grounds upon which matches were played.

The first 122 sets are encased in a New Zealand native black pine box that is built to protect the book set and although the boxes are individually numbered, its not until you open the box that you start to understand the value of what you are holding. The luxury and heavily embossed solander box, scattered with the crests of the organisations, schools, clubs and unions involved, which upon opening the holder will discover the leather bound book in all its glory on one side and a rich selection of rugby related Canterbury-made items on the other.

Canterbury Rugby Football Experience Ltd has been established with a specific purpose, to publish a book that will raise the awareness of the origins of rugby, to inspire future generations and the continued support of junior rugby in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Media Release 8 June 2011 from