Parkour World Chase Tag Campaign

The classic children’s game of tag is now a professional sport – World Chase Tag, played often by parkour athletes. Parkour NZ, New Zealand’s national sport organisation for parkour is launching a crowdfunding campaign to unlock the opportunity to run World Chase Tag affiliated events around the country. 

Tennis elbow clinical trial at the Dunedin School of Medicine, patients and funding wanted

Globally, 3% of the population suffers from a Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) inflammation. A highly successful experimental device has been recently tested in Germany using a very densed acoustic pressure which loosens both inflammation and scar tissue in only 24 hours. An exclusive clinical trial will be conducted at the Dunedin School of Medicine. For this clinical trial we need both patients who have suffered more than 12 months as well as funding.

Worlds’ First Olympic Games Cricket scoring system developed in New Zealand

Auckland based LED sign company Signopsys Electronic Signs Ltd (Signopsys), a 25 year supplier of Cricket scoring systems and LED screen hardware to ICC Cricket World Cups internationally, has been contracted by Korean IT giant Ssangyong Information and Communications Corporation (SICC) to provide the world’s first Olympic Games Cricket Scoring software system for the Incheon Asian Games beginning next week in Korea.

YMCA Ellerslie Open Day

The YMCA Ellerslie Recreation Centre welcomes local residents and communities to join us in their open day on Saturday 1st of February. It will be a fun day filled with activities for the entire family including Zumba, Spin, kids gymnastics, bouncy castle and animal balloons.