The Tantalising Tastes of Hamilton's Hood Street Bistro

Resting proudly on the corner of Hood Street and Victoria Street, the aptly named cafe/restaurant, ‘Hood St Bistro’, beckons you inside with its references to hot orange, neon signage. Just as it too sits on this particular intersection, its food demonstrates a propensity towards being particular when it comes to imparting only the best of Southern American flavours to its customers.

24-Hour KidsCan Challenge to Jump the Moon

Ninja Jumped Over the Moon is an epic, nationwide exercise and fund-raising challenge to be held over a 24 hour period from 20-21 January 2023 during which the organisers hope to bounce a total height of 357,000 kilometres on trampolines, burn 30 million calories and raise $1M+ for the KidsCan charity.

Hamilton Locals Opportunity to Perform in China

Hamilton City Council is calling on local groups of dancers, singers and musicians, to perform on a global stage – as part of the Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival in China. The festival, from 26 July to 1 August, aims to promote cultural and art exchanges between Chengdu and its sister cities. Hamilton became a sister city with Chengdu in 2015 after signing a memorandum of understanding in 2014.