New Zealand marketing strategist publishes breakthrough book

( In his new book SMART MARKETING, international marketing strategist and media commentator Wayne Attwell suggests that many of the 80 percent of all business ventures that fail within the first 10 years, fail because they don’t clearly understand what their customers actually want.

They believe they know what their customers need, but never ask them the hard question. “It sounds so basic, but unfortunately they get it wrong so often,” Mr. Attwell said.

“If you don’t understand at an emotional level exactly what your customers want, you have little chance of convincing them to buy your product or service. You have to put the customer at the centre of your marketing strategy. Before you can be a bullfighter, you must first be a bull.”

Mr. Attwell says companies must “get back to basics” when it comes to understanding their market. Smaller businesses rarely validate their customer needs or their marketing pitch. “That’s what the big guys do. No wonder they usually get it right” he said.

“Forget all the jargon and the marketing buzz words. Ask yourself, “How do my customers think and make their buying decisions?” If you can nail that, you’re almost there in terms of putting together a marketing strategy that will increase sales and improve your bottom line.

In SMART MARKETING, the author introduces businesses to a range of proven marketing strategies that will enable them to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. It unravels how customers think and make buying decisions and shows businesses how to use this to increase sales and improve bottom line profits.

The book has already been critically acclaimed by the National Business Review, who said, “This book is a must for business owners who know they need to think about their brand but don’t know where to start.”

In the spirit of the Lean Start-up movement, SMART MARKETING is poised to revolutionise the way smaller businesses practice marketing. Pragmatic and insightful, the book is based on the simple yet powerful premise of building a powerful customer-centred brand through Need Satisfaction Marketing™.

SMART MARKETING shows readers how to:
• Identify new customers that are most likely (and willing) to buy from them

• Understand how they make buying decisions and how to use this to their advantage

• Build a compelling marketing pitch that sets them apart from competitors and enables them to sell at a premium price

• Develop a cost-effective promotional programme using the latest online and social platforms as well as traditional media

The author believes that any business owner or manager can create a powerfully different and successful brand. SMART MARKETING offers a logical and easily understood planning process, illustrated with real-life examples and practical models.

Mr. Attwell has consulted to more than 400 start-ups and existing businesses across five continents. Despite having worked with large corporates, his real passion is to help smaller businesses achieve their potential.

“The little guys are the ones struggling with the perceived complexities of developing effective marketing strategies. I believe they will find many of the answers in the pages of SMART MARKETING”, asserts the author.

SMART MARKETING is now available in all popular eBook formats including Amazon Kindle, iPad, Nook and Kobo. The price is US$14.99 for all eBook editions. Buying the book also provides access to free marketing resources, tools and planning templates from the author’s website.

About Wayne Attwell

* Internationally trained in business management and marketing strategy, Wayne has held numerous senior marketing, sales and general management positions.
* In 2004 he started a specialist brand marketing agency, Bold Horizon, which boasted a client list that included some of the most successful and recognisable brands in New Zealand.
* In 2013 Wayne established a new marketing business, which specialises in running interactive marketing development workshops for smaller businesses. His interest lies in how cognitive neuroscience can be used to understand and influence the way brands are marketed.
* Has consulted to more than 400 start-ups and established businesses across a wide range of industries such as software, technology, eCommerce, consumer, pharmaceuticals, local government, non-profit, utilities, infrastructure, education, arts, tourism and travel, manufacturing and agriculture.
* Wayne’s international experience covers New Zealand, North America, Central Europe, Japan, United Kingdom and South Africa.
* A sought-after commentator on brand strategy by the mainstream media and business press because of his straight-talking and upfront style.
* Is the principal marketing consultant to Soda Inc. one of New Zealand’s leading business accelerators and is on the executive leadership team of the Waikato Digital Industry Forum.

Media Release on 20 November 2013 by Wayne Attwell

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