Wilson announces Russian Redemption II on the horizon

(PR.co.nz) Originally from the UK but now living on the North Shore of New Zealand’s North Island, Andrew Wilson published his first ever novel, Russian Redemption, back in October 2013, when it achieved Amazon Best Seller status in its first week.

The hard hitting, graphic fictional novel tells of horrific medical experiments to turn Russia’s worst criminals into Super Soldiers. Dressed in German uniforms these Super Soldiers were to be released into the Russian populous to install fear into the Russian peasant, motivating them to resist the German invasion. It was a desperate plan sanctioned by Stalin himself. Unbeknown to those involved there was a secondary purpose, Stalin had traitors in his camp and he needed them found. By tasking one of his most decorated spymasters to solve this problem, by any means, he brings havoc, death and destruction to lives in the most barbaric fashion.
Russian Redemption II follows on in the same vain, but now Stalin himself is in danger, danger of being exposed to his people for what he had done. How and where this novel takes this story only Wilson knows, but you know it will be enthralling, gritty and highly readable.

According to Wilson the follow on novel will be launched late September/early October of this year.

Russian Redemption is available on Amazon as e-book and paperback or the website.

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