24-Hour KidsCan Challenge to Jump the Moon

Cows can’t jump over the moon but Kiwi ninjas might be able to.

Ninja Jumped Over the Moon is an epic, nationwide exercise and fund-raising challenge to be held over a 24 hour period from 20-21 January 2023 during which the organisers hope to bounce a total height of 357,000 kilometres on trampolines, burn 30 million calories and raise $1M+ for the KidsCan charity.

Ninja Valley, a 10,000 cubic metre indoor playground in Hamilton, is hosting the event and hopes to register and mobilise more than 5,000 residential trampolines across New Zealand to participate in the 24 hour challenge. Teams and individuals can register themselves on the Raisely campaign page, set their own goals and set about seeking sponsorship and donations from their own networks, neighbourhoods, family and friends.

“It is an absolutely monumental challenge”, says Ninja Valley co-founder Grant Beuzeval. “357,000 kilometres into the air will require 100,000 hours of bouncing and 30 million calories of energy but the multiple benefits are equally as inspirational”.

“We love the idea of the nation coming together in the name of exercise and charity, gathering around neighbourhood trampolines with deck chairs, the BBQ/kai and maybe a tent pitched on the lawn for a sleepover while one person remains bouncing at all times. That sounds like a lot of fun at the backend of the school holidays”, added Beuzeval.

KidsCan was selected as the beneficiary charity based on their exemplary work in providing the 1 in 5 Kiwi kids affected by poverty the essentials they need to learn. Ninja Valley is aligned with the KidsCan belief that education is a child’s ticket out of poverty and gives them the opportunity for a better future.

“This is a really fun way to make a real difference to children in hardship, who are who are having a particularly tough time right now as the cost-of-living soars,” says KidsCan CEO and founder Julie Chapman. “We’re very grateful to Ninja Valley and to all the kind Kiwis who take part in this event. The food, shoes, jackets and health items we provide are needed now more than ever.”

Ninja Valley will host and livestream broadcast the event from its headquarters in Hamilton with continuous updates about the distance jumped and the funds raised.

Event details:

Event Name: Ninja Jumped Over the Moon
Registration: https://ninja-jumped-over-the-moon.raisely.com/
Start date & time: 5pm, Friday 20th January 2023
End date and time: 5pm, Saturday 21st January 2023
Organiser: Ninja Valley Limited, Hamilton www.ninjavalley.co.nz
Contact: Grant Beuzeval, Co-founder/Director, Ninja Valley Limited
Contact email: moon@ninjavalley.co.nz
Facebook page: @ninjamoonjump (https://www.facebook.com/ninjamoonjump)
Instagram page: @ninjamoonchallenge (https://www.instagram.com/ninjamoonchallenge/)
Distance to the moon: In 2023, the moon will be at its closest to the Earth on 22nd January – a mere 356,569 kilometres away.

Media Release 19 December 2022.