Kick Off Time for Indoor Soccer

( Kick-off time for Liverpool Supporters in New Zealand !

New indoor football club aims to unite supporters of Liverpool, in NZ.

The new IFL: Indoor Football League which kicks off at Avondale college community stadium,has already had a suprise entrant,Liverpool FC. NO, not the club currently experiencing a few troubles in England, but there local fans here in Auckland, The NZ Liverpool supporters club,has formed their first ever indoor soccer team, and will play in a replica of the famous Liverpool red strip, and look to reclaim the glory days of the successful 70s and 80s liverpool team.

Reviewing the team list reveals that both kenny Dalgish and Kevin keegan were unavailable and as were other first choice selections such as Steven Gerrard and some guy called Torres. The passion wont be lacking as team captain David williams is born and bred in liverpool and is prepared to set the example for playing with true passion, for the sake of the famous red shirt. David says, ”

The new IFL league promises to be a faster, more free-flowing version of the indoor game than the one offered by current indoor soccer hosts. Rule changes such as the elimination of the highball rule and the addition of a blue card will make for a action packed fast game. The new IFL league will encourage a broad range of footballers to get involved by providing a range of different competitions, ranging from the adult social league for both mens and mixed teams, kids and teenagers leagues, to a busineshouse league for company’s wanting not only staff to have some fun exercise, but also a way to increase team spirit, morale and cooperation at work, through the fun experience of team based businesshouse leagues, either for branches within a company, or playing against other firms work teams.

David williams also spoke about the future of the liverpool nz indoor soccer team, by saying that he hopes other english supporters clubs will also enter teams, into the sunday IFL league, and also attend the English premier league fans night being held every tuesday night at the winchester, which is in St Benedicts St, Newton. The soccer fans night will be run together with the indoor soccer league and all fans of the english game are encouraged to attend. There will be great entertainment such as the penalty shootout competition using a kids backyard goal and a indoor soccer ball, which offers a $ 50. bar tab
prize to the winner. Anyone wishing to attend this weekly fun night should email indoorfootballnz@mail for the start date and further datails.

David also expressed his excitment at the announcement of the IFL: indoor soccer premier league, starting in September 2011. This will be NZs first ever serious indoor soccer league and will be an auckland based 8 team franchise competition. Liverpool NZ indoor soccer , has been awarded one of the 8 franchises and is looking at using the sunday indoor soccer team, as a gateway to the more serious indoor soccer premier league squad. ” We will be holding trails in late january for the premier league squad and all interested players should contact indoor football nz, for details,” saysd David.

Indoor football nz is in the process of awarding the franchies now, and everything has been done to make sure the work load of manageing a franchise is minimal, to make it as easy and cheap as possible to field a franchise team in the new league. Football lovers with solid business backgrounds are being sought to manage the franchises as well as community groups such as the local Brazilian community, and also leaders within the Asian and Indian communitys, are being sought to manage franchises.

In the meantime, teams of five are being sought to take part in the first season of the IFL social indoor soccer leagues which will be held at Avondale College starting October 31st.

To register a team or for more information,on any of these competitions or the english soccer fans night, please contact I.F.F.N.Z via email

Media Release 6 October 2010 from Indoor Football NZ.