Kiwi Entrepreneur Reveals Secret to Success in New Children’s Book!

Ana Meredith, a hard-working Mother of 3, is heavily invested in creating a positive mindset awareness not only within her 3 young children but across the entire country. It was her 5-year-old daughter that had the light bulb moment, “Mummy we should write a book to tell other children how their brains are magic too!”.

Ana and her daughter wrote ‘My Brain is Magic’, an interactive Children’s book to promote confidence, gratitude, wellbeing and mindset awareness. “It is a book that I hope will start an entire movement across NZ. I hope to promote positive mindset awareness in Children and, just importantly in parents! I believe this is the most important life lesson a person can teach.”

As a family the Meredith’s’ run 3 businesses plus Ana works fulltime. She enjoys this ‘working while raising a young family’ lifestyle and wants to set this work ethic as an example to her Children.
“The time I have with my 3 young children is extremely precious & within those hours I actively try to engrain strong values, morals & positive mindset awareness while we playfully interact.”

Ana needed an efficient, effective tool to use at a convenient time to help her teach mindset awareness. She was seeking something simple yet interesting enough to captivate her children on a daily basis to ensure they gain a thorough understanding of the Mindset concept. The Childrens Book she created; My Brain is Magic, has become her perfect educating tool.

At 35 years old Ana felt ready to start concentrating a big part of her life towards giving back & making a difference. Make-A-Wish New Zealand is proudly onboard to support the Children’s Book & believes in Ana’s ambitious dream of raising $1 million dollars for Make-A-Wish New Zealand who support critically ill children in NZ.

In October, Ana was faced with a heart-breaking prospect. Specialists were concerned her Baby had a brain tumour. “While I only had to face a minimal timeframe of fear as I received positive results immediately post the brain scan, the experience of being in and out of hospital gave me an overwhelming drive to help children and parents in NZ who are going through unimaginable circumstances.” Ana decided $1 of every copy sold would be donated to her chosen charity, Make-A-Wish New Zealand and will be donating her time to the foundation.

Every book comes with a free gift; a special wishing stone for children to wish upon as they drift off to sleep. Ana mentioned this concept has become a great mindful tool that helps the kids to fall asleep dreaming wonderful dreams.

“Doing this with my 5-year-old daughter has been life changing for the both of us! More importantly I hope it can kick start my mindset awareness mission across NZ”. Ana would like to see the subject of Mindset awareness having a bigger presence within the primary and secondary school curriculum here in NZ.

Media Release 19 December 2022.