Bodyline Wetsuits – The sudden closure in July 2013

( Seventhwave Wetsuits is moving to reassure customers of former fellow Kiwi wetsuit manufacturer Bodyline that it will be able to look after their wetsuit needs following the sudden closure of the long-running Tauranga-based company.

Bodyline closed its doors last week.

Seventhwave owner Paul Zarifeh says it’s sad to see the firm close down after being a fixture on the local scene for many years.

“It is sad, and shows how tough it is for New Zealand manufacturers to compete and stay in business, when a lot of factors are really out of our control. But our customers and those of Bodyline will know, that if you want quality and service and the best of local knowledge then you just can’t beat New Zealand-made.”

And Zarifeh says moving forward, Bodyline customers can rest assured that Seventhwave will be able to look after their wetsuit needs.

“Last week we had a couple of Bodyline long-time customers phone sounding worried about what they were going to do now for their next custom wetsuit, as they had just heard the bad news. I assured them we could definitely help them when the time comes and if they needed repairs or anything to contact us.”

Zarifeh says they’ll only be too happy to help people looking for a new wetsuit supplier, and who want the quality, fit and service delivered by Seventhwave.

Seventhwave Wetsuits is a New Zealand company dedicated to custom-fit, high performance wetsuits for water-sport enthusiasts, made exclusively from Yamamoto limestone neoprene. 100% New Zealand owned and operated, Seventhwave has been providing specialised wetsuit solutions for people since 1987. Surfing in New Zealand is a major sport and players of all ages frequent its amazing beaches throughout the North and South Islands. Seventhwave’s manufacturing plant and headquarters are based in Bromley, Christchurch—the cold water temperatures of the South Island is their testing ground.

Media Release on 18 July 2013 by Seventhwave Wetsuits Ltd

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