Tennis elbow clinical trial at the Dunedin School of Medicine, patients and funding wanted

( Globally, 3% of the population suffers from a Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) inflammation. A highly successful experimental device has been recently tested in Germany using a very densed acoustic pressure which loosens both inflammation and scar tissue in only 24 hours.

An exclusive clinical trial will be conducted at the Dunedin School of Medicine. For this clinical trial we need both patients who have suffered more than 12 months as well as funding.

We believe this technology can also be applied to other inflammation related conditions such as golfers arm, lower back pain, ballet injuries and even tendon injuries in horses.

Musculoskeletal conditions account for the third leading cause of health systems expenditure in Australia. Lateral epicondylalgia (tennis elbow) is such a condition and is often treated in primary care. Both the individual and community are affected by this condition: 7 per 1000 patients seeing their medical doctor have this condition. Most are not tennis related. On average 10-30% of sufferers take 12 weeks off work. The condition may last 6-48 months and it tends to become stubborn to treatment and recurs often.

Media Release on 20 March 2015 by Ultrasonic Pain Relief NZ

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