Worksafe Services – Helping Auckland Businesses Comply with Health and Safety Regulations

( Keeping track of and implementing workplace safety legislation can be complicated and time consuming. But the risk of a fine or imprisonment for a health and safety violation makes it vital for a business to ensure they are conforming to regulatory standards. That’s why so many companies turn to a compliance service like Worksafe Services. They will review a business in detail, understanding staff, machinery and workplace details and offer changes and compile vital documentation kept in a secure cloud account to avoid any potential future legal problems.

“These guys made what I thought would be a ‘huge task’ into a smooth transition with my business,” said Graeme Jordan, Managing Director, Peninsula Motors Ltd. “They did the risk assessment, presented the registers, and completed the staff training with little down time. All the information is kept in one place and the software is user friendly. The monthly reminders give me complete peace of mind. They were also able to get me 10% off my ACC levies for the next 3 years – I think I’m making money on the deal!”

When Worksafe Services begin their analysis, they start with an online meeting with key managers. During the meeting, they will explain current and upcoming laws, who’s getting in trouble and how to avoid it. They will conduct a thorough review of the client’s business to find any weak zones and provide recommendations. They will then return to the business, develop an emergency procedures plan, train staff and create a health and safety calendar. And most importantly, they fully document the process with photos and written materials that will provide evidence of the client’s health and safety efforts.

Any business owner, who would prefer to have more time to run their business and less time worrying over health and safety issues, is encouraged to speak to Worksafe Services in Auckland today.

Media Release on 19 March 2015 by Worksafe Services

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