Exam gloves are now available in NZ

(PR.co.nz) Pro-Val Safety Products are pleased to announce that after recently having our medical examination gloves listed on the NZ MedSafe Medical Device Database, our range of exam gloves are now available in New Zealand, with stock located in our Auckland warehouse.

Examination gloves relates to those gloves used for medical, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and meeting specific requirements relating to dimensions, watertightness and tensile properties (strength and elongation).

The Pro-Val range of disposable exam gloves are manufactured to meet international standards for medical examination gloves, and many also hold HACCP International Food Safety Certification for use in the food industry.

The range consists of the following gloves:

Securitex – Latex Examination Gloves – Lightly Powdered or Powder Free
Securitex HR – Blue High Risk Latex Examination Gloves – Powder Free
Stretch PF – Ultra Soft Resin Vinyl Examination Gloves – Powder Free and Latex Free
WhiteNite – White Nitrile Examination Gloves – Powder Free and Latex Free
NiteSafe – Blue Premium Nitrile Examination Gloves – Powder Free and Latex Free

For more information on the range, visit our website at www.proval.co.nz or call us 0800 776 825.

Media Release on 4 March 2014 by RCR International Ltd

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