TimeTablet®: NZ’s first NFC time-clock launched

(PR.co.nz) Auckland based cloud technology company TIMEDOCK has today officially launched TimeTablet®; New Zealand’s first RFID reading time-clock tablet; a device set to relegate paper time-keeping to the past.

TIMEDOCK is on the cutting edge of mobile technology, combining specially designed mobile and tablet applications with contactless, chipped NFC cards and cloud storage to simplify and streamline employee time-keeping.

NFC is the same technology currently being rolled out by banks to allow contactless payment.

Using personal ID cards employees can now clock in to work remotely, using the MobileTimeClock smartphone app, or on-site with a single swipe past the company’s NFC TimeTablet®; while employers follow worker locations and productivity in real time.

“It’s a one-stop-solution for companies. It will significantly lower costs compared to traditional time-keeping methods which are slow and labour intensive and instantly provides payroll data and analytics” said TIMEDOCK Technical Director Le-roy Staines.

“Few solutions offer 3G, WIFI, touch screen, GPS, backup battery and cloud integration all in one.”

A key benefit of TIMEDOCK is its ease of use which has been carefully designed throughout the entire system, from clocking in at the swipe of a card, or a single touch, right down to integration with major payroll systems including MYOB, Quickbooks, iPayroll, Ace Payroll and Crystal Payroll.

TIMEDOCK has been seamlessly implemented by more than 300 companies world-wide, as well as a highly successful rollout of a customised time-keeping solution for kiwifruit service company PunchBowl.

The PunchBowl solution lets workers ‘scan in’ to the different blocks of vines as they move around the orchard at the touch of a screen. Live monitoring then gives managers a picture of which blocks are being worked, how long it is taking each worker and how much it is costing the company.

Warren Coogan, TIMEDOCKS’s Business Development Director, said using a cloud-based system allows low implementation costs for businesses and seamless interaction between the system’s devices. This makes it ideal for use in primary industries like agriculture, forestry and mining, as well as other shift based industries like hospitality.

“I’m extremely proud of how well the TIMEDOCK system performs. I think the efficiencies it creates for businesses big and small makes it truly valuable, especially here in New Zealand with such a strong agriculture industry.”

As a cloud-based platform, TIMEDOCK can be implemented around the world, a point the company is keen to capitalise on.

The company is also currently developing a number of additional features including work dispatching and facial recognition.

For more information on TIMEDOCK or its’ new TimeTablet device go to www.timedock.com

About TIMEDOCK the company:

TIMEDOCK is an Auckland based cloud technology company founded by Technical Director Le-roy Staines and Business Development Director Warren Coogan. An experienced web developer, Mr Staines recognised the need for an integrated time-keeping solution after working closely with storage and logistics industry leader Dexion and supermarket chain Progressive Enterprises.

Mr Coogan is the owner of Gecko Construction Limited and a driving force behind TIMEDOCK’s success. His passion for streamlining business systems to create efficiency was an overriding priority throughout the system’s development.

Media Release on 3 March 2014 by TIMEDOCK

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