Contactless Payments Technology Innovates Time Keeping

( Auckland start-up TIMEDOCK has utilised near field communication technology to allow staff to swipe into work without the need for expensive or antiquated equipment.

The technology, currently being rolled out by New Zealand banking and payment systems, allows a touch-free interface for scanning staff in and out, anywhere a mobile phone is available.

The data is sent immediately to a web server and can be accessed online by payroll and admin staff.

“Our main target is construction, agriculture and forestry but we can really improve time and attendance for any business. If they need portability then we have the NFC (and barcode) apps for mobile, and for fixed-premises we have an NFC wall-mounted device TimeTablet® that works on the same cloud based platform.”

TIMEDOCK founder and spokesman Le-roy Staines says, “Our software is unique to the market in that managers can very quickly clock in a selection of employees from a pool of potentially thousands, without the need for clunky interactive lists and searches that other apps require”.

Le-roy says that the company is looking into other touch-free mechanisms such as facial recognition and has been considering Kairos’ facial recognition time clock for iPad as a viable contender.

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# About TIMEDOCK the company

TIMEDOCK is a cloud-based time and attendance system that enables team managers to scan their staff into work with their mobile phone, anywhere out on site or in the office.

Media Release on 30 May 2014 by TIMEDOCK

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