The Future of Retail is Here

( How many customers visited the store(s) today, what times during the day did they visit, what are the busiest times and which products they where most interested in. These are common questions retailer ask every day to improve their profitability and now thousands of future proof retailers around the world are turning to Brickstream 3D retail analytics to answer these questions.

All of this information can now be displayed directly to your mobile phone or computer so you can understand in real-time exactly what is happening in-store.

3D people counting involves placing a small device in your store and will provide retail analytics to better capture your clients behaviors and improve your in-store sales conversion.

Used by thousands of future proof retailers around the world it provides analysis of traffic data for individual stores and across multiple store locations, regions and the entire chain including: people counting at the door; sales conversion; store performance; and customer-to-staff ratios. Real-time, historical and trend reporting across the chain and for each store provides store managers, in-store staff, regional/district managers and executives the rich information they need to make decisions and improve performance.

TrafficIQ analyzes the data from multiple in-store Brickstream® smart devices, the industry’s most accurate intelligent edge device for capturing and analyzing behavior in physical spaces. Each Brickstream smart device collects and analyzes in-store behavior data for its field of view, such as an entrance or a department.

Brickstream is a leading provider of behavior intelligence solutions for understanding human behavior in the places where people shop, gather, work and play. Brickstream’s technology intelligently captures and analyzes data related to the actions of people as they enter, move through and exit an environment, delivering the equivalent of clickstream analytics for the brick-and-mortar world and surveillance to improve security. Premier retailers, grocery chains, hospitals, banks and others use Brickstream to understand more about their customers and visitors, and draw on the insight gained to enhance customer service, optimize resources, reduce loss, enhance security and maximise economic opportunities. Headquartered in Atlanta, Brickstream has the largest installed base of 3D analytics smart devices worldwide, a global network of partners, and regional offices in Europe and Asia.

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