Simon Hall from Auckland wins the $5,000 ‘Debt Breaker of the Year Award’ by slashing his mortgage by over 7.5 percent

( Simon Hall, an engineer from Auckland, recently won the $5,000 “Debt Breaker of the Year” Award presented by Barry Kloogh, one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on wealth management. Kloogh is also the creator of the popular DebtBreaker System, an at-home software program designed to help people get out of debt and boost savings.

Hall earned the first place cash prize of $5,000 by lowering his mortgage by the greatest overall percentage of all the contest participants over the course of 5 months. “He reduced his mortgage by an impressive annualized 18.8 percent using the Debt Breaker System,” said Kloogh, who created the popular software to give Kiwi’s a powerful, yet easy budgeting tool they could use at home to attain financial freedom.

The first DebtBreaker of the Year Award, was open to all Debtbreaker clients from all over the country “This topic of debt impacts everyone in one way or another,” Kloogh said.

While Hall was wrapping up the “Debt Breaker of the Year” Award, a couple from Dunedin, Sue and Colin Lang, were the recipients of two free round-trip airline tickets to Greece valued at $10,000. The couple was automatically entered into the contest by purchasing tickets for the highly successful production of ‘Mamma Mia’ competition, sponsored by Debtbreaker.

“It’s all part of our ongoing efforts to shine a light on one very important point: People from all walks of life (and all income levels) can experience the huge benefits that come from paying off their mortgages and debts years sooner,” said Kloogh, whose financial consulting offices are in Dunedin. “When people see their debt obligations dropping at an accelerated rate, and their savings increasing by leaps and bounds, it’s motivating and liberating at the same time.”

Kloogh, who has helped his clients shed in excess of $10 million worth of debt over the past eight years using his DebtBreaker techniques, says his satisfaction comes from enabling people to pay off their mortgages faster, get out of debt, fully fund their retirements and pass along their nest eggs to the next generation. “And you don’t have to live like a hermit to accomplish these goals, as our contest winners will attest,” he pointed out.

Although most people understand the value of paying off their mortgages and getting out of debt, Kloogh noted, they’ve never had access to such an effective family budgeting tool that helps them reach their financial goals, until the DebtBreaker System. “Most people either do their best with outdated debt-reduction practices, or they try to live on a shoestring budget, which takes all of the fun out of life,” he said.

The DebtBreaker Software is all about helping New Zealanders dig themselves out of debt, including paying off their mortgages faster, and also put away enough money to really enjoy life, such as traveling to amazing destinations like Greece, Kloogh explained. “With the DebtBreaker System, there’s also enough money set aside for sudden emergencies, such as having to repair the family car,” he said.

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Media Release on 4 June 2014

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