Debt Reduction Software Helps People Get Out Of Debt

( A dynamic, new, software-based, money management program designed to show people how to pay off a mortgage faster, get out of debt and save money for retirement was recently released to the public by Barry Kloogh, one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on personal and organizational wealth management.

Known as “The Debt Breaker Program,” Kloogh says this new money management tool is the culmination of 27 years of helping people from all walks of life achieve their financial goals.

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“In today’s economy, people are either struggling to pay off their mortgage, or struggling to find a way to get into a home. For both groups, debt reduction and debt management are the key issues holding them back,” said Kloogh, author of the best-selling book, ‘The Money Cookbook.’ “Debt Breaker provides people with an easy-to-follow, personalized roadmap that details exactly how to pay off your mortgage, realize substantial debt reduction on a weekly basis, and save for the future without sacrificing their way of life.”

Kloogh believes that while most people understand that paying just the bare minimum on their mortgages (or credit cards) will keep them saddled with debt for decades, they’ve never really been given the proper debt management tools or financial advice to do anything else successfully.

“Through no fault of their own, people follow out-of-date debt reduction practices that may have worked just a few years ago, but are destined to fail in this crazy economy,” said Kloogh, who is based in Dunedin. “Other folks will drastically slash their expenses in a valiant attempt to achieve meaningful debt reduction. But between kids, work, home, school – and trying to enjoy a little family time – these severe measures are much too difficult to maintain for very long and they often slip even further into debt.”

According to Kloogh, Debt Breaker uses the exact same formula he’s used to save his clients more than 9 million dollars worth of debt over the last eight years. “There’s nothing more gratifying than showing people how to pay off a mortgage faster, get out of debt, save for their retirements and ultimately transfer their healthy estates to the next generation. This software basically puts people’s budgets on autopilot, and it’s like having me guide them every step of the way.”

One of the main reasons Debt Breaker has been so successful since its initial release, says Kloogh, is its built-in ability to motivate people to achieve their debt reduction goals.

“This software is so personalized and intuitive that it quickly shows people exactly where they need to immediately make budget adjustments, and by how much,” said Kloogh. “In doing so, they see concrete, measurable improvement in their debt management efforts every time they open up the program. Seeing your debt dropping right there on the screen is obviously a huge motivating force to keep up the good work.”

Now available to the public at, Kloogh says the Debt Breaker Program works for anybody interested in debt consolidation, debt management, and paying off your mortgage without sacrificing your lifestyle in the process. “And today, that’s just about everybody!

“I have clients in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Waitakere, Invercargill, Manukau City, North Shore, Otago, Nelson, Tauranga, Canterbury, Dunedin and dozens of other cities and regions in New Zealand – and everybody wants to know the same things: How to pay off your mortgage, how to reduce debt, and how to save for the future and still have money to enjoy life today. Debt Breaker gives people the tools to do all that.”

For more information about Debt Breaker, and to view a free online introductory video, go to or call 0800 332 827.

Media Release on 21 June 2012 from Financial Planning Limited

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