Dob in a work mate for a reward hotline launched

( Thompson and Toresen Investigations Limited has launched a nationwide anonymous tipline for workmates to dob in colleagues that are stealing from their employer to receive a reward of up to $1000.

A recent KPMG survey showed companies believed only one third of frauds were being detected, and with lower level fraud excluded from the survey, it was possible the problem could be worth more than NZ$1 billion a year.

Telephone calls are neither recorded, nor do Thompson and Toresen have a requirement to positively identify the caller. They will not have caller display, or record the calls, the caller does not have to go to court. Although 0800RIPOFF is primarily designed to report fraud, and drug abuse at work, any call concerning a business crime will be relayed. Typical calls include possible theft and fraud, time theft, conflicts of interest, drug use or dealing at work and kickbacks.

Ethical violations cost jobs and profits. Both of these are at a premium in the current business climate. If someone can help save business money, it’s good for the employees, shareholders, and executives alike. Don’t we want the people who work with us to be honest? Most cases of ethical abuses are uncovered through tips from honest people who are not sure of their facts. Once someone reports the initial information, they are finished, we will analyse the information, where possible gauge the credibility of the information and pass to the business concerned. The 0800RIPOFF line is staffed by Certified Fraud Examiners and ex-police officers and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thompson and Toresen are not required to report the information to the police. The responsibility of 0800RIPOFF line is to report the call to the relevant company for appropriate action. The company is responsible for notifying the police if such action is warranted.

Media Release on Sunday 24 June 2012 by Thompson and Toresen Investigations

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