Online Retailer Gives Rural Markets a Boost

( With lower prices and a larger selection, online retailers are gaining the advantage in an ever increasing rural market.

While the convenience of online shopping is certainly nothing new, retailers who connect with rural markets are paving the way for a new tomorrow by connecting a rural population with the selection and low prices generally only found in large, metropolitan areas. This connection provides a much needed boost for a rural economy, creating a win/win situation for both parties.

Leading the way with outdoor storage sheds and generators is Trade Tested, providing prices that can’t be easily matched by businesses with a brick and mortar location. When asked why Trade Tested decided to go with an “online only” presence, company founder Richard Humphries had this to say, “We knew it was the right choice for us.

Certainly there was the initial thought that a company without a physical location might not be able to gain the trust of the rural community, but we were very fortunate. Our large selection, low prices and excellent customer service has brought us a tremendous amount of favour with shoppers. We are growing faster than we had ever expected since our customers like to share their sources with each other.”

According to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s report on New Zealand’s online shopping market, sales from online retailers are expected to show rapid and strong growth over the next four years, reaching well over $4 billion by 2015. What could this mean for a garden shed and hardware supply store such as Trade Tested?

According to Forbes business magazine, the customer experience is going to be the most important feature in a digital market. “Consumers are attracted to retailers who offer clear product offers and a simple check out system.”

Trade Tested over delivers by offering a full catalogue of outdoor hardware, tools, generators, and garden sheds at a low price with a full one-year warranty. “Our ability to deliver items weighing up to one tonne gives us even more of an edge with our customers,” says Humphries. “Generally there’s a downside to ordering online, either with deliver, warranty, customer service, or product quality. We made sure we excelled in every area before we launched our website.”

With rural consumers looking for new ways to increase their profit margin and large retailers lacking an online presence (according to a year-long MYOB Business Monitor report), companies such as Trade Tested are not only leading the way, but carving out a lasting niche for themselves in the minds of rural consumers.

Trade Tested and their large line of outdoor products, include log splitters, generators, trailers, storage sheds, greenhouses and more.

Media Release on 25 June 2012 from Trade Tested

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