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Relief for Cluster Fly Sufferers

( Cluster Flies have been a worldwide problem which arrived in New Zealand by the 1980s. They started in the North Island and have slowly migrated their way down to the bottom of the South Island in recent years.

The Cluster Fly has two seasons when they are most prevalent, the Spring and the Autumn. Cluster Flies cluster together for warmth and hibernate inside homes and sheds, where they survive the cold winter weather in a dormant state, on warmer days they become active and will exit from their hiding places. If you think you have just a few of them you can be assured that there are hundreds of them in your ceiling, wall spaces, and any other nook and cranny in close vicinity. Because Cluster Flies leave pheromone trails where they have been, their numbers will not only grow each year but they will keep breeding and inhabiting the same places year after year.

There are remedies currently in the market that kill the flies successfully, but then stressed out homeowners are not only left with the daily task of cleaning them up but also the concern of using toxic chemicals in their homes. Cluster Flies aren’t attracted to food or bait and they have become ever more resistant to stronger pesticides.

A Southland business, Attitude Switchboards Ltd has extensively researched the problem and has successfully sourced (and is now the agent for) the patented product from Canada that has been welcomed worldwide to help control the ever growing problem.

The Cluster Buster is a patented mechanical concept that uses a chemical free ultra-low density powder made from exploded eggshells to catch and trap the flies. The container used is small, discreet and is simply put onto windows to trap the flies without any fuss, noise or smell (these last up to three years depending on the severity of the numbers), when full these are simply replaced and disposed of. No longer do stressed home owners have to worry about picking up flies as a daily job.

The non toxic Cluster Buster offers an environmentally friendly alternative by not using toxic pesticides.

The best way to control them is to have the Cluster Buster in the each problem window all year round, this way they still dispose of the few that still come out on hot days between seasons and are in place ready for the first onslaught of flies in season.

For more information on this product check out or call Attitude Switchboards 03 214 6903.

Media Release 26 June 2012.



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