PURE Movement have expanded with the booming fitness industry

A lot has changed over the past decade, no place more so than the health and wellness industry. The rise of social media influencers, high-intensity group classes and weekly gym memberships cheaper than a cup of coffee have flooded the market, leaving consumers with a number of options to get their exercise fix.

These services have also been cleverly catered to corporates and shift workers, with lunch break timed classes and 24-access offered to meet their demands. Unfortunately, lost in the craze of the 30-minute sprint session or a YouTuber’s chest day video is that it has all been put together for a wide-ranging audience, not the individual.

Like a lot of other scenarios in life, the ‘one size (or in this case plan) fits all’ method isn’t typically the best choice, nor is it the safest. This isn’t to discredit those out there sharing their approach to healthier living, but more so a reminder that it’s best to learn to walk first before you try to run. Especially if you’re running with a hitch or pain!

So where should someone go if they want to learn how to move properly and more importantly, safely? Well, this is where PURE Movement comes in. The Lower Hutt-based gym is owned and operated by personal trainer Aaron Boyd, who comes with over ten years of experience in the business. He is one of the country’s few Functional Movement Specialists, who’s area of expertise is getting people to move functionally and efficiently.

Aaron and his gym’s motto is ‘unlock your body’ and to do that clientele are put through an initial assessment, safely diagnosing any physical dysfunction and or pain before outlining corrective movements and strengthening exercises. We’re all running our race, which means we’re all at different points and moving at different paces. However, where we can all be in the same lane is by making sure we’re moving the way our bodies were made to.

PURE Movement has steadily grown since their opening in 2012, with clients ranging from all fitness levels. Their production over this time has allowed them to go from a primarily personal training studio to a larger space that now offers full-time memberships and group classes (all overseen by Aaron, of course). Studio memberships can come with a monthly check-in and plan to keep members on track with their goals.

If you’d like to get to know Aaron or get a little more background on PURE Movement, you can join them for their grand opening this Sunday (2 Feb) from 1-3:30pm at Level 1, 41a Rutherford Street, Lower Hutt. This is a family-friendly event where they will showcase their services, along with fun competitions and a special offer for the day.

Unlock your body and get yourself moving in the right direction, the right way.


Media Release on 30 January 2020

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Aaron Boyd, PURE Movement
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Phone: 0211196850
Website: https://puremovement.nz/