Parkour World Chase Tag Campaign

Take tag, the classic children’s game, combine it with parkour, and play it within a purpose-built 12 metre arena and you’ve got World Chase Tag (WCT), the first and only competitive tag league in the world. WCT is played by some of the most talented parkour and Ninja Warrior participants around the world.

Parkour NZ has been developing its relationship with WCT and has secured an exclusive opportunity to receive specialised one-on-one training to not only get certified but also be approved to certify others in New Zealand and Australia. This is great news for the grassroots tag events and leagues being developed around the country by Parkour NZ’s members, Regional Sports Trusts, and Local Government.

The window of opportunity is small, with the training having to occur in France during a Parkour NZ team member’s visit to Europe. Parkour NZ have launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of WCT certification, licensee training, quad building course, and necessary travel and work expenses for their staff in France.

If the campaign is successful, it will enable any interested party to receive training via Parkour NZ, license local and regional WCT affiliated events, and use the official WCT ‘quad’ (the arena) around the country, and play to whatever level of competitiveness they want.

Visit the campaign page to learn more.

Please give generously and share with your networks!

Media Release 22 May 2022.