Celebrity Radio DJs Locked up for Charity

(PR.co.nz) It may not be everyone’s idea of fun spending eight days inside a campervan but that’s the reality for two Radio Tarana celebrity presenters, who have been locked up for charity.

Radio Tarana’s first reality radio show ‘Lock Kar Diya Jai’ or ‘Lock Up’ has seen presenters, Satend Sharma and DJ Gabroo, locked up inside a Maui campervan for the past six days with limited food supplies, no outside contact and having to perform daily challenges.

The challenges range from dressing up as female Bollywood dancers for a day and dancing to songs every thirty minutes, through to separating several thousand different coloured chick peas into piles. The presenters will be locked up until this Saturday, the 1st of September, when they will be released at 2pm.

Radio Tarana Chief Executive Robert Khan says the reality show is part social experiment and part showbiz.

“It’s been amazing watching these two and how they have had to live closely together. One of the funny things is that they don’t normally get on, so that has been very interesting.

The celebrity prisoners are visited daily by a doctor but that’s their only contact with the outside world, as they’re not allowed to talk to anybody except each other.

Mr Khan says the concept has been well supported by the public but the real focus is on helping out a special charity.

“We’re using the opportunity to raise money for the Starship Foundation because there are many young children who spend long periods of time locked up inside the hospital getting treatment and going through their own challenges. This is a little way that we can help them out, while we have a laugh at two of our mates,” Mr Khan says.

The campervan has been parked in the car park of 208 Great South Road, Papatoetoe and hundreds of people have stopped by to say hello through the window.

“We are also streaming video live from inside the campervan so people can watch them 24 hours a day, most importantly when they’re doing the challenges,” Mr Khan says.

Video from the inside of the campervan lock up is available at www.tarana.co.nz or on Radio Tarana’s Facebook page.

Media Release on 31 August 2012 by RADIO TARANA

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