Choose PB Goosey Builders Christchurch for Earthquake Repairs

( The infamous 2011 Christchurch earthquake saw widespread damage to buildings across the Canterbury region, leaving many houses and offices completely or at least partially uninhabitable. Three years later much of this damage still remains, with many property owners unsure how to proceed with repairs. PB Goosey, the builders Christchurch have come to know and trust following 60 years of providing high quality and affordable construction services can offer a solution.

PB Goosey has extensive experience in earthquake repairs Christchurch, with over 200 full home as well as 250 emergency repairs having already been completed. This experience means they understand how stressful earthquake repairs can be and have the skills required to complete such a repair in a timely manner while causing minimal disruption to your day to day life.

Following the earthquake, Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury region experienced an influx of tradespeople attracted by the prospect of new work. While this influx was positive in many facets such as bringing money into the economy, it also brought with it concerns regarding the quality of work available.
When it comes to your home / office, with so many different options available you need someone you can trust. By choosing PB Goosey for your earthquake repair needs, you are committing to rebuilding the home you knew and loved. As a licensed building practitioner (LBT), PB Goosey’s practices and work have been assessed by the Building Practitioners’ Board meaning you can be sure that their work will be carried out using safe and acceptable practices.

In addition to being a licensed building practitioner, PB Goosey is also an approved and accredited contractor with all the major insurance companies as well as Fletchers EQR. This adds another layer of comfort knowing that your repairs will be overseen by Fletcher building, a name synonymous with quality building companies Christchurch as well as in New Zealand.

For the builders Christchurch trust based on a proven track record of excellent work and service, visit the PB Goosey website today at or get in touch via the email or phone number listed below. Their friendly staff will be more than happy to explain our services and how they can help you. Let PB Goosey work with you to return your home back to the home you remember.

Media Release on 26 November 2014

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