Summer Sun and Window Tinting

( As we head into December and the temperatures around the country slowly climb, many New Zealanders are beginning to plan for a (hopefully) sunny summer and are dreaming of days filled with sun, surf and fun. When planning for this period New Zealanders are often very careful when it comes to outdoor sun exposure, with sunscreen a common item on many shopping lists. Given this, it is perplexing that though so much care is taken in regards to outdoor UV rays, very few New Zealanders are concerned about the effects of these same rays while indoors.

Tint Pro provides a trusted source of window tinting with specialised products shown to eliminate 99% of harmful UV rays. With New Zealand having one of the highest level of UV rays in the world, it only makes sense to consider protection from these rays while inside as well as outside. With all of our technician’s being members of the Master Tinters Association of New Zealand you can be sure of quality service and a premium product range making your home safe for summer. In addition all of our films come with a comprehensive manufacturers guarantee along with our own workmanship warranty. Your home will remain safe for a long time to come.

As well as offering protection from UV rays, our tinting solutions come with a myriad of other benefits. While the UV rays commonly associated with summer are clearly dangerous we often also have to deal with uncomfortably hot temperatures. Our films keep some of this heat outside, giving you a reprieve from the heat when indoors and also lower air conditioning costs by keeping the cool air in. Studies have also found that over 25% of fading is due to heat. Our films reduce heat fading by at least 25% and ensure your furniture and fittings stay in the condition in which you purchased them.

With summer rapidly approaching, take you and your families sun safety seriously and get in touch with

Media Release on 26 November 2014

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