Comet SEO a Conversation Starter

( Genesis Interactive’s CEO Manas Kumar says Comet SEO will deliver the conversation starter, so to speak, and if anybody picks up the discussion the user is notified and can respond.

“Comet SEO was built to simplify search engine optimisation — to enable website owners and online marketers to understand how to maximise online opportunities — and the ability to engage potential customers through social media is increasingly a critical part of building an online business.

“But few organisations have the time and resources to have people visiting social media sites two or three times a day to start-up engaging conversations with potential customers.

“Comet SEO will do that automatically and you can see the impact of these conversation starters in the ‘Social Buzz’ section of the app; all you have to do next is jump in and continue the conversation.”

Genesis Interactive recently posted on Twitter that the company had developed an SEO application in just 12 hours during an overnight session and invited SEO specialists and web developers to test it out for themselves.

“Comet SEO issued the invitation across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media websites. The moment people started responding we were alerted to where the conversations were happening and we were able to respond,” says Manas.

CometSEO’s social media automation tool allows the user to create 20, 30 or 40 conversation starters about the business – a day, week or months in advance – and then automatically posts them to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz, two or three times a day.

“It Generates a social buzz around your website, drives qualified traffic and improves backlinks which help search engine rankings.

“With Comet SEO we’ve simplified search engine optimisation to the point where any website owner, regardless of their technical knowledge and understanding of how search engines work, can implement simple things to get the best out of their search engine rankings,” says Manas.

Media Release 25 September 2010 from Genesis Interactive.