Couriers To India Has Redesigned Delivery Of Consignments With Seamless Service

( Couriers to India based in New Zealand has redefined courier services between three great nations: New Zealand, Australia and India. With its country office in Auckland and head office in Australia, this courier company is committed to delivering letters, documents, packets, and bulk parcels within schedule and at affordable rates. This comparatively new company established in 2013 has made phenomenal progress in just four years of its existence.

Couriers to India have introduced an inimitable quality based customer service. In an industry where quality is only felt, this company has successfully projected itself as an upholder of this intangible feeling. Being a service oriented activity; promptness and assurance are the chief measurements of quality in courier business. From letters to extra large parcels, every consignment is equally important for this company. They are picked up with care from any location in New Zealand & Australia and delivered to required destinations across India. Be it official mail or personal letters, the company assures speed, security and certainty for each and every consignment. Their definition of quality and customer service is extremely tangible which ensures a repeat clientele.

Couriers to India in New Zealand operate through its principal offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Wellington. In addition to these, the company has collection centres throughout New Zealand and Australia. So, irrespective of location, senders are assured of timely collection of satchels or parcels and subsequent deliveries. Similarly documents and bulk freight from India are timely and safely delivered throughout New Zealand and Australia. For this company, no location in New Zealand, Australia or India is remote enough to be left out from its purview of services. Packets, documents, and parcels are collected from senders address or any other place as notified by sender. The company even offers free pickups from any location within Australia and New Zealand.

Collection is just one of the many aspects of courier business as conducted by Couriers To India. The company has accounts with global leaders in logistics like DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS for timely and secured deliveries of letters and parcels across the globe. Couriers To India always pass on the price advantage it gets from these logistics companies to end users so as to stay competitive. Another important aspect of this courier company is its delivery. Deliveries are always as per schedule and at consignee’s address. Their door to door delivery is executed in perfect order without any issues and slippages. Their coverage of both Kiwi and Indian territories is unparalleled.

The company has excellent arrangements of warehouses in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in case consignments need to be stored or repacked. Senders or consignees might use these third party warehouses for storing parcels or bulk freight in case deliveries need to be delayed. These warehouses also provide repackaging facilities for consignments for greater protection and safety against damages. Great care is taken for repackaging materials as they might contain delicate and valuable materials.

For smooth and trouble-free deliveries in India, this company has set up dedicated customs clearance assistance in New Delhi and Bangalore airport cargo complexes. This customs clearance assistance ensure that consignments not only get cleared at customs but also are delivered to respective consignees in a timely manner. For any queries regarding deliveries, Couriers to India has a dedicated freight manager. The freight manager attends to every query related to shipments and deliveries of packets or parcels. Workable solution is provided to any problem regarding carrying, storage or delivery of consignments. To assist customers, the company has a 12 hour customer care centre operating 365 days a year. This customer care division is located in Australia and stays operational from 10am to 10pm daily.

This concept of establishing customs clearance assistance in New Delhi and Bangalore, keeping a freight manager to attend queries, and instituting a 12 hour customer care centre available all year round are efforts towards offering a seamless and error-free customer service in India, Australia and New Zealand. For betterment of service and clearer picture to the sender and receiver, Couriers to India offers a 24×7 online tracking system where the exact status of a document, packet, or parcel is available for the users.

The company has made special provisions for bulk consignments. Couriers to India offers special discounted rates for consignments weighing 70 kilos or more. It also offers optional weekend pickup service of such bulk packages. Needless to say, additional packaging is done to secure such bulk freight if they are of delicate nature or carry valuable items. Perhaps the most interesting aspect about Couriers in India is the simplicity involved in booking consignments. Minimal documentation is required for sending documents or parcels through this courier company. The company has appointed customs brokers in India who clear consignments and have them delivered at the earliest. Invoicing is done in details to make every commercial aspect transparent and doubtless.

Pricing is the key aspect of Couriers To India – it is among the most competitive. The company passes on price benefits to end users to remain competive in a very price sensitive demography.

About the company

Auckland office: 2, Kingsland Terrace, Suite 1, Kingsland, Auckland 1021

Wellington office: 20, Vivian Street, Suite 212, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Sydney office: Baulkham Hills, Sydney 2153

Melbourne office: Malvern East, Melbourne 3145

Brisbane office: Camp Hill 4152

Contact No: 0800 696 176

10am – 10pm (365 days)