COVID-19 Opens Doors for Digital Marketing eLearning Courses

(  A traditional business model for Clickthrough would be to offer classroom-style teaching sessions, incorporating all parts of search engine optimisation and social media marketing for businesses and companies.

According to Clickthrough’s Chief Motivator, Glen Maguire, that hasn’t changed. The only difference now is that the training sessions are entirely online and customised by a ‘personal trainer’ to suit each customer.

“Like many New Zealand companies, the alert level four lockdown has meant we’ve had to rethink how we continue our everyday services. Holding online SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing training sessions was a natural choice the market was asking for.”

The eLearning course incorporates practical tips and advice and follow-up training from an online personal trainer. These trainers boast a vast amount of experience and will arm you with tips and tricks you can immediately apply to your business.

Glen says now, more than ever, learning search and social media marketing is crucial.

“It’s a manageable, controlled form of marketing and advertising for businesses that sees real results. It’s also something you can do yourself rather than pay someone to do for you.”

Businesses, eCommerce store can benefit from personalised eLearning courses. Everything from keyword selection to YouTube, social media, and learning how search engines work will be included in the one-on-one and group training sessions.

If you would like to know more about personalised eLearning courses, get in touch with Clickthrough Digital today. Email or phone 0508 254 258.


Media Release 17 April 2020.