Crown Finance Launches Freedom Home Loans

( Well-established company, Crown Finance Limited is pleased to announce the launch of Freedom Home Loans.

Freedom Home Loans is set to be a leading industry player, with years of experience from its parenting company staff and its promise of seeking some of the best home loan rates for New Zealand home buyers. The tireless and tedious negotiating and searching for the best home loan rates is a service Freedom Home Loans will provide for free to its customers so that they can have – to put it simply – more freedom.

Says Director Chris Arbuckle, “In today’s housing market, people can’t simply go to one bank and expect to be getting the best home loan rate. It pays to shop around, and Freedom Home Loans is dedicated to doing this for our clients and at no extra cost. Our loan advisors are well qualified, with experience and excellent standards when it comes to customer service. We’ve recruited some of the best advisors, because that’s what our clients deserve.”

Home loans aren’t the only services FHL will be offering though; personal loans, car loans, finance for property development and it’s unique addition ‘realtor advantage’ are all now at the finger tips of Kiwis wanting a company that they can rely on.

Realtor Advantage will offer those who are selling in a competitive market, the advantage of a better chance of selling at a superior price. This is through their offering of marketing finance from $3,000 – $20,000, so that sellers can make sure that their houses’ first impressions count.

“Realtor Advantage will be an effective way for those selling to potentially boost the price of their house’s selling price. A loan like this really can go a long way towards home staging, home improvements and tailored advertising. Furthermore repayments can be deferred for up to 6 months so in most cases no repayment will be required until after you’ve sold your home.” Says James Copson, one of FHL’s Relationship Managers.

Freedom Home Loans puts strong importance on partnership, where their philosophy “Together, Success” drives everything they do. Their belief that the most successful organisations are those that deliver superior customer experiences is evident in their allocation of a Relationship Manager whom is dedicated to fulfilling their client’s needs to the best of their ability.

The Crown Group, which includes Crown Finance, Crown Property, Crown MPG ™ Systems, Crown Asia Pacific Group, and now Freedom Home Loans, has experienced very successful organic growth. Crown is confident that Freedom Home Loans will be yet another successful addition to its impressive collection.

“We are very excited to be launching Freedom Home Loans and welcome anyone who is in need of a company they can trust to walk them through the home finance process, and let us do all the hard work.” Mr Arbuckle concluded.

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