Cyclone Pam Funds Spent

( It’s Not About Us is a small humanitarian organisation based in Alexandra, Central Otago. They have just completed their fourth project in Vanuatu providing water to those who were in desperate need following Cyclone Pam which caused widespread devastation in Vanuatu earlier this year. The founder of INAU, Wayne Perkins, says the most fulfilling thing is life is to help others.

The organisation has a team who returned from Vanuatu this week after what they are calling their most successful mission to date.

They installed a self-powered water pump which now provides water to a community and a peanut processing factory. People were walking over two kilometres to carry water for drinking and washing.

“The impact on the community was huge, ” says Perkins. “As the pipe was getting rolled out and water was getting closer, a women working in a nearby field literally burst into tears.”

They also brought and donated two top quality chainsaws to a cooperative organisation made up of many villages, and trained the local people in both basic chainsaw safety, maintenance and skills, resulting in locals milling their own timber and building their own structures.

The five people who who went on this trip were trustees Wayne Perkins, Matthew Born and three other Central Otago men, Tim Lerew, Joel van Riel and Murray Booth.

While the men paid their own personal expenses, the money for the equipment provided was raised at a community concert for Cyclone Pam in Alexandra soon after the cyclone hit. Central Otago orchards provide seasonal work for many workers from Vanuatu.

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Media Release on 3 September 2015

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